Who we Are

If you are a small business owner struggling to keep up, with keeping up, with social media we are the folks for the job!

Pink Square Social is a start up social media management agency who is passionate about helping small businesses grow, and connect using social media platforms. We are based in the Midrand area but help clients all over Gauteng.

We create or update your social media pages to help your business stay current in the ever changing world of social media. We create and publish posts so you have nothing to worry about, and most importantly we help you stay connected by interacting with your following.

Pink Square Social started as a dream in 2016 and became a reality at the start of 2017. It has been a whirlwind of an adventure and we can’t wait to see what’s still in store for us.

We like, post, poke, comment and connect so you can focus on what you do best.

What we do


Profile Management

We set up new pages on Social Media for your business as well as keep them up to date with all your new information to make sure potential clients can easily find and contact you.

Already have a page? Look at you!

We’ll poke around to ensure that you have all the important information on there and make quadruply sure that all your company information is as accurate as it can be. 


Content Generation

No idea what hashtags are? Don’t worry we’ve got your back! We scour the web and spend hours pouring over content to create the perfect posts for you business! We are always thinking of new ideas to use social media to grow your business.


Publishing & Engagement

We’ll log into social media as your company and post for you! That’s right you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We will respond to any comments made on posts posted by Pink Square Social. We also answer any messages set directly to your business page and contact a genius of your choice if the question is a little over our heads.



Campaigns are used to highlight something special in your business. There is extra focus to draw reaction from and interacting with clients. A Campaign is a series of posts created, written and posted by Pink Square Social. These posts focuses around an event or something special happening in your business.

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